SRJC Culinary Arts School Building

Someday, we may have a wonderful culinary arts school and bakery in our neighborhood! About 20 JC neighbors met with SRJC staff April 20th for a “scoping” session to unveil their tentative plans and seek input from the neighborhoods on siting and design.

According to Curt Groninga, Vice President of Administrative Services, SRJC is quite appreciative of the community attendance and participation.  It was helpful in that it will help guide the College in its decision making relevant to siting the Culinary Arts/Mixed Use Facility on one of the District’s properties.  A number of people volunteered to write a letter in support of the Mendocino/Carr site and if you still wish to, please address your letter or comments to either Dr. Robert F. Agrella, President, SRJC or myself.

The College and its consultants received a lot of worthwhile information (though at times divergent views) regarding aesthetics, siting, setbacks, the number of  levels (1 to 3) as well as a number of suggestions to acquire additional property to better accomodate the siting of the facility fronting Mendocino. The Board of Trustees will soon decide on the location at its Board meeting.  Irrespective of where the project is located, the College does intend to establish a project web page relevant to its planning.  Once that is established I will contact you with the appropriate URL.

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