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One Comment on “Membership”

  1. Richard Coad Says:

    Can the neighborhood association be used as a forum for pressuring the city to introduce additional traffic controls along Steele Lane between Mendocino and 101? This evening, at a bit after 5:00 p.m., a pedestrian was hit and badly hurt by Steele Lane school. Although I didn’t see the actual accident I can guess what happened – the driver tooling along at between 35 and 40 mph is totally oblivious to the red light set up for crossing near the school. The pedestrian is crossing and the two meet with the obvious results. In the 3 months I’ve lived in the neighborhood I’ve seen this nearly happen several times and only yesterday I had to flip off a driver who went through the red light narrowly missing my dog and myself. As long as there is only one light that turns red only on demand, cars are going to drive along Steele Lane without giving the slightest thought to pedestrians and cross traffic and accidents like the one today will recur regularly.

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