NJCNA Charter

1. Name:

    The name of this group is the “North JC Neighborhood Association” (NJCNA).

2. Neighborhood Definition:

    The North JC Neighborhood is defined as that area of Santa Rosa, California bounded by Elliott Ave. to the south, Highway 101 to the west, Paulin Creek to the north, and Mendocino Avenue to the east.

3. Membership & Dues:

    A) Membership is open to all persons or businesses that reside within, work within, or own property within the North JC neighborhood.
    B) Eligible persons or businesses become members eligible to participate and vote upon receipt of their dues by the Secretary/Treasurer.
    C) Dues are $15.00 per calendar year for an individual or household, and $30.00 per calendar year for a business. Members joining after June 31 may pay half dues for the remainder of the year.

4. Purpose:

    A) This Association is a non-partisan and non-governmental volunteer association.
    B) The Association’s goals are:

      1) To promote and enhance neighborliness, sense of place, safety, and quality of life for all who live, work, or visit our neighborhood,
      2) To be a forum to determine neighborhood concerns,
      3) To seek, clarify, and disseminate relevant information about neighborhood issues,
      4) To be an advocate for the neighborhood in dealings with government agencies, commercial institutions, and property owners,
      5) To insure the maintenance and proper utilization of public spaces within the neighborhood,
      6) To identify, educate, and develop potential future political leaders.

5. Meetings:

    A) General Meetings open to the entire membership of the Association. They shall be held three times a year in a place and at a time determined by the Board, provided such meeting shall be held within the months of January, May, and September.
    B) Board meetings shall be held monthly at a time and place determined by the Board. The general membership shall be noticed of such meetings and all Association members are welcome to attend and contribute to monthly Board Meetings.

6. Officers, Duties, and Terms of Office:

    A) The following are the officers of the Association with their respective duties:
    General Chair

      1. Preside over General and Board Meetings.
      2. Represent, or appoint an alternate representative to represent, the Association at meetings or hearings of importance as determined by the Board or Membership, in addition to such other relevant Officers of the Association as may attend.
      3. Recommend the removal of, and nominate a successor for, inactive or ineffective Association officers, subject to approval by majority vote of the Board or the members present at a General Meeting.
      4. Assume responsibility for Association programs and activities not being carried forward because of incapacity, inactivity, or resignation of any other Association officer until assumed by a replacement Officer.
      5. Identify and propose possible improvements in Association structures, processes, and activities to enhance the effectiveness of the Association in achieving its purposes.
      6. Assist and coach the other Officers in learning and performance of their duties.


      1. Create and distribute agendas and minutes of General and Board Meetings.
      2. Conduct meetings in the absence of the General Chair.
      3. Bill for, collect, and deposit dues and maintain the roll of active members.
      4. Organize and maintain the Association’s financial and physical assets.

    Development and Planning Chair

      1. Monitor proposed development within and adjacent to the neighborhood, and share the collected information with the membership.
      2. Speak for the Association, as guided by the Membership and Board, before appropriate persons and authorities regarding development and planning issues.
      3. Facilitate the creation and updating of an ideal development plan expressing the desires of the neighborhood, and presents and speaks for such plans to the parties. with the ability to implement such plans.

    Public Spaces and Beautification Chair

      1. Create & maintain an inventory of public spaces within and adjacent to the North JC neighborhood.
      2. Create, organize, and promote programs to monitor, clean up, and improve such spaces.
      3. Speak or communicate before appropriate agencies and individuals on behalf of Association concerns about improperly maintained neighborhood properties.

    Public Safety Chair

      1. Be a liaison between the Association and local police, ambulance, fire departments, and other public safety agencies that serve our neighborhood.
      2. Identify patterns of criminal behavior within neighborhood, and propose and implement neighborhood solutions.
      3. Investigate, prepare and implement a disaster preparedness plan for the neighborhood.
      4. Identify and propose solutions for safety problems that particularly impact our elderly and youth populations.

    Communications Chair

      1. Publish and cause to be distributed the Association newsletter, such newsletter to be distributed approximately two weeks prior to each General Meeting.
      2. Propose and implement programs to promote and enhance the Association membership.
      3. Create and maintain the Association’s presence on the Internet.
      4. Maintain the database of all resident’s and owner’s email and physical addresses within the neighborhood for membership solicitation.

    Traffic & Transportation Chair

      1. Be our liaison between public transportation agencies such as Santa Rosa Public Works, Cal Trans, Utility Companies, and other agencies with transportation or utility infrastructure within or.
      2. Gather information regarding, develop, and implement programs to calm vehicular traffic.
      3. Gather information regarding, develop, and implement programs to promote alternative modes of transportation, including walking, bicycles, and wheelchairs, within and adjacent to the neighborhood.

    Social Chair

      1. Develop, organize and promote programs to introduce neighbors to each other and to enhance neighborliness.
      2. Develop and implement a program to welcome new neighbors and to solicit their membership in the Association.
      3. Develop, organize and promote the Association’s activities such as mixers, fundraisers, candidate nights, issues nights, and victory parties.

    B) Association Offices may appoint such assistants or committee members as they my deem necessary or expedient in carrying forth their duties.
    C) Officers may hold more than one office, or serve as assistants or committee members of other Officers.

7. Executive Board:

    A) The governing body of the Association is the Executive Board. The membership of the Executive Board is comprised of the eight officers enumerated in Section 5.
    B) By majority vote the Executive Board may take actions or positions as they may deem appropriate and in the best interests of the Association and the neighborhood, provided all such actions and positions shall be reported at the next General Meeting.
    C) The General Meeting may override such actions or positions take by the Executive Board by majority vote of those present and voting.

8. Terms of Office, Elections:

    A) Officers shall hold office from the January General Meeting until the next January General Meeting.
    B) The Board shall select and present a slate of officer nominees for the coming year to the January General Meeting. The membership shall be noticed of the slate of proposed officers at least two weeks prior to the January General Meeting.
    C) Nominations for officers may be made from the floor of the General Meeting. Officers shall elected by majority vote of current Association members present & voting. Voting shall be by secret ballot if requested by at least two members.

9. Charter Amendments:

    A) Amendments to this Charter may be proposed by a majority of the Board and approved by the a majority of the membership at a General Meeting. The proposed Charter amendment must be noticed to the membership at least two weeks prior to the General Meeting.
    B) Amendments to this Charter may also be made at a General Meeting without notice by 75% super majority vote of those present & voting.

2 Comments on “NJCNA Charter”

  1. Christina Says:

    We are thinking of purchasing a house off of Albany and Richmond. I wanted to know if I could get some feed back about the neighborhood.
    Thank you,

  2. Leanne Says:


    Free Mind Media, located at 546 Pacific Avenue, will be hosting an End of Summer Block Party on August 25, Noon to 6:00 pm. Slater Street between Pacific and Spencer will be closed off to make room for music, kid’s games and activities, art show, local vendor and info tables, food, and lots more.

    Everyone is invited!!!

    For more information, visit http://www.freemindmedia.org

    See you there,

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