NJCNA Officers

The following Officers of the north JC Neighborhood Association were elected on January 18, 2007.

John Sutter – President

  • jsutter [at] additionmasters.com

Phyllis Sutter – Public Space and Beautification

  • psutter [at] thelenderladies.com

Alicia Rouverol – Education Chair

  • ajrlw [at] earthlink.net

Patty Hamley – Secretary/Treasurer

  • phamleyis [at] hotmail.com

Lance Walker – Communications Chair

  • northjcneighbors [at] gmail.com

Development Chair – vacant

Social Chair – vacant

Transportation Chair – vacant


One Comment on “NJCNA Officers”

  1. Now through Election Day, we will be reaching out to thousands of voters in Marin and Sonoma Counties to let them know just how critical their support is for YES on Q, Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit. Can you help us guarantee a SMART Victory, and volunteer for the campaign? There will be numerous opportunities to volunteer now through November, especially weekday evenings.

    Volunteering not only provides a tremendous resource to the campaign; it’s also a fun way to meet other SMART supporters, and to get people in your area fired up about passenger train service in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Together we can bring these green transportation alternatives to Marin and Sonoma Counties! CALL or EMAIL us today to donate some time and energy ~ You’ll be glad you did!

    To volunteer in Sonoma County, contact Christina Penrose at (707) 571-8855, or email her at christina@conservationaction.org.

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